Paul Harris: Mindset Excellence Coach Woking, Surrey
About Me
Ayrton Senna mindset excellence
Gordon Ried Paralympic medallist and Wimbledon champion
Lewis Hamilton multiple F1 World Champion
Paul Harris Coaching NLP practitioner

Now it's time for me to share that with YOU.

Combining my experience, knowledge and passion for winning with my Coaching, NLP, Hypnosos and DISC profiling skills I am in a unique position to help you WIN.

29 Years of Experience, Expertise & Excellence

I worked in a Formula One motor racing environment between 1990 and 2019. In this time, I learnt a lot about myself and went on many personal journeys. Some relatively minor, some rather life changing.  Meeting many influential people, entrepreneurs and leaders. I learnt that everyone, regardless of status, started from similar beginnings. The difference really being knowing what their goals were and how to achieve them.

As my role within the workplace grew and changed, I realised that I was able to help colleagues achieve their goals both professionally and personally.  When the opportunity arose to become a mentor within the company, I grabbed it with both hands.  This enabled me to help younger members of staff be more confident in their abilities.

As good as being a mentor was, I felt that I could offer even more, so I started to see what else was available to help people focus on and achieve their Life Goals; a diploma in Life Coaching fitted that bill perfectly.  Redundancy in 2019 gave me a perfect opportunity to take my coaching to a new place and become a freelance Life Coach.  

From the cutting edge technology of electronic design, all the way through to human perfomance and wellbeing, everything has been about excellence and peak performance.

  • 29 Years in top level motorsport business
  • First Electronic Engine & Chassis control in F1
  • Trackside data and fault analysis in real time
  • Electronic sensor management for race cars (180 per car + spares each event)
  • Race driver simulator sessions
  • Young driver development programs
  • Double Olympic Gold skeleton
  • Tennis wheelchair design analysis
  • Olympic sailing and canoeing data logging
  • Body worn sensor development & deployment for terminal illness patients
  • Quality management for F1, Automotive and aerospace