Paul Harris: Life Coach, Surrey & Woking
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Paul Harris: Life coach and career coach in woking surrey

Over 30 Years of Combined Experience and Expertise

I worked in Formula One motor racing between 1990 and 2019. In this time, I learnt a lot about myself and went on many personal journeys. Some relatively minor, some rather life changing.  Meeting many influential people, entrepreneurs and leaders during this time, I learnt that everyone, regardless of status, started from similar beginnings. The difference really being knowing what their goals were and how to achieve them.

As my role within the workplace grew and changed, I realised that I was able to help colleagues achieve their goals both professionally and personally.  When the opportunity arose to become a mentor within the company, I grabbed it with both hands.  This enabled me to help younger members of staff be more confident in their abilities; a role that I have carried on since leaving the company. 

As good as being a mentor was, I felt that I could offer even more, so I started to see what else was available to help people focus on and achieve their Life Goals; a diploma in Life Coaching fitted that bill perfectly.  Redundancy in 2019 gave me a perfect opportunity to take my coaching to a new place and become a freelance Life Coach.  

Experience has taught me that a sudden change can be a very worrying and confusing time in anyone’s life.  Being able to have a look at what is going on around you and identify the next steps to what you want to do next, or where you want to go, isn’t always easy when there are a million thoughts and worries in your head.  Having a Life Coach on your side, helping sort the thoughts out, discover your true goals and turning them into reality, is such a powerful tool.  

As with all Life Coaching skills though, just one course is never enough.  It is a constant learning process, so I am currently studying for diplomas in Personal Performance and Neurolinguistic Programming.

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