Paul Harris: Mindset Excellence Coach Woking, Surrey
Career Coaching

Finding the Formula for Your Career


    • Tackling issues such as imposter syndrome, fear of success and visibility of their future persona.

    • Empower people to be able to give more back to their peers and people they interact with daily.

    • Helping the client understand themselves first and look at what they would like to achieve in the short, medium and long term.

    • Identify their realities in real time and use what tools they currently have to start on the path to success.

    • Deal with conflict situations and understand how they are not responsible for other people's behaviour but how they choose to react is under their control.

    • Learn techniques to calm anxiety and look forward to challenging situations.

    • Know that when they make decisions at work they are doing so with all of the available information and support for the right reasons.

    • Dispel and deal with memories of previous negative events or experiences that are holding back their future growth.

The cost of theses sessions is just £150 each.

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