Paul Harris: Mindset Excellence Coach Woking, Surrey
Green Light to Chequered Flag
Photo by John Bezosky on Unsplash

What's it all about?

Green Light to Chequered Flag Coaching is a one-off opportunity for you to take advantage of discounted Life Coaching Sessions throughout 2023.

It's specifically tailored to help you stay motivated to achieve your goals in 2023.

Whether you have started the year with a load of New Years' Resolutions or you just simply want to change, this is the perfect offer for you. 

Maybe you've just signed up for a gym membership, or you've decided this is the year to get a new job. Do you want to move house or find the confidence to start your own business?

Sometimes even the greatest ideas can begin to falter as the reality of seeing them through sets in. You might find that all of those people who told you you had a flash of genius start to get a little bit quiet. Let's be honest - your supporters are great, but they don't have to put the effort in like you will.

Just imagine how it'd feel to have that support whenever you needed it. To be able to speak to me and talk through any problems and to be held accountable for your next steps.

For a one-off subscription, you'll receive:

  • A Life Coaching Session to help you set goals and ambitions for 2023 and stick to any resolutions you may have made.

  • Free resources to help you create a winning mindset and refer to throughout the year.

  • Regular emails full of motivation and tips to keep you on track with your goals.

  • An unlimited number of coaching sessions throughout 2023.
  • Priority booking for Life Coaching - including hours not available to non-subscribers.

    All for just £149.99