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Paul Harris Coaching. Mindset & Life Coach for Personal and Professional Growth

Finding the Formula for Your Life

Do you feel like you've got this great idea, something that you were born to do?

Or do you know you have to do something but just don't know what that is?

Would you like to have a secret partner to talk to? Someone who will help you see new possibilities and keep you accountable without judgement. 
Working at your pace, with your own ideas and goals in mind you can find your perfect formula to excel at anything you choose.

Paul Harris Coaching. Team coaching for your workplace

Finding the Formula for Your Team

We've all heard - and probably used - the phrase "teamwork makes the dream work."

Imagine what it would be like to walk into a team meeting and be surrounded by an inspired, on message, eager bunch of people. When your team are cohesive and empowered their productivity and the quality of their work improves.

I will work with your team to help each one of them find their strengths. When they know what they bring as individuals, they strengthen the team as a whole.

Paul Harris. Life and minset coaching for your profession perfomance

Finding the Formula for Your Career

When you start to think about moving on or up with your career, you can start trying to talk yourself out of it. You find lots of reasons why staying where you are is OK for now and you feel conflicted.

How would it feel if you knew that you were absolutely sure you were making the right move at the right time for you?
With my support you will have the reassurance that you are not alone and you have a secret partner to help you get the job you deserve.