Paul Harris: Life Coach Woking, Surrey
Coaching for Motorsport Professionals

Coaching for
Motor Sport Professionals

What's it all about?

Motorsport is a tough environment at any level. You don't need me to tell you that.

Whether you are trackside or factory-based. In the driving seat or keeping the lights on, you have a role to play and you're expected to be at your peak performance. 

Long hours, high pressure, short deadlines and a queue of people relying on you can take their toll.

I want to help you manage that pressure so that you can perform at your peak level and deliver for your team-mates just as you want to. You enjoy winning and you take it personally, so when the time comes to celebrate, you deserve to be able to enjoy it fully.
But, you're just not at your best when you're fraught. You can't win without a winning mindset. The champagne tastes bitter if you are stressed.

Imagine how empowering it'd be to know that whatever problem you face, you can have the tools to beat it. Think about how great it'd feel to face a stressful situation secure in the knowledge that you are in control.
With my coaching, that's exactly what you have. Calm reassurance that you are fully able to deal with any problem.

My extensive experience and knowledge of nearly thirty years at the very top level of motor sport, gives me a unique insight and understanding of how it feels to want to be on top of your game and how the pressure can build, almost without you realising.
I've been there. I know the stress and how burnout feels. I have first hand experience of wanting to deliver while knowing I don't have enough in the tanks.

Now it's time for me to help you enjoy our wonderful business.

I am offering coaching sessions to all current or past motorsport employees at a price of £103.65 per session.