Paul Harris: Life Coach, Surrey & Woking
Unlocking Your Career Steps



An eight session one to one programme for people wanting to take their career to the next level

This programme is designed specifically for you if you are wanting to change your career, either because of redundancy or because you feel stuck in the wrong job. 

Through regular 1-hour sessions we will work together to help you make the right choices for you.


  • Goal identification – What are your long, medium and short term goals? Do you know what your journey to achieving them is going to look like?

  • Opportunity – You know what your goals are and how you're going to tackle them. Now we can explore opportunities open to help you to work towards them.

  • What You Believe About Yourself – We all have an internal dialogue going on. What does yours sound like? What are you telling yourself about your success? The language that you use is as important as the message you are conveying with it.

  • Willingness – You want this, right? Of course you do, that's why we're talking. Where are your limits, what are you prepared to sacrifice, when do you want to take the next steps?

  • Tackling blockers - Sometimes things come along that you are unprepared for - that's life. You can't control what happens around you but you absolutely can control how you react when things do happen. Being ready to understand how to mitigate for blockers is going to give you such a head start when they turn up.

  • Who do you tell - and When? - Having new goals and dreams are great, but sooner or later you have to tell people about them. You have total control over who, when and how you let the news go public.

  • Accountability & Trust – Imagine how it would feel to have a confident who you can pass ideas over without being questioned or second guessed. Our conversations are confidential and as your coach I will neither question your decisions or impose my opinions. However you will have a degree of accountability - not to justify your actions but instead to encourage you to take them.

  • I will contact you a few weeks after our last session together to check that you’re happy with where you’re headed. 
  • I invite you to continue to share success with me as you continue to progress for as long as you choose to.

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