Paul Harris: Mindset Excellence Coach Woking, Surrey
Team Coaching
paul harris coaching mindset excellence beating imposter syndrome and anxiety
paul harris coaching mindset excellence beating imposter syndrome and anxiety

Finding the Formula for Your Team

A one day on site course to empower your team to combine their individual skills to become a powerful unit.

Session One

The first half of the day is to help the individuals explore their own requirements and understand how to add value to themselves and their contribution to the team.

  • GROW Model – Understanding how this helps to set effective targets.

  • SMART Goals - What is SMART, how is it used and what are the benefits of using this technique?

  • DISC Profiling – Find out what are your prefered personality traits and how to understand other types in the team and use them for the team advantage.

  • Limiting Beliefs – In all teams there are a variety of beliefs in personal, team and company abilities. This session is designed as an open discussion to allow the individuals to listen to their peers and understand how what they say can affect their own perfomance.

    Session Two

    The second half of the day is to discover how important communication is within a team.

    The group will be split into teams and given a practical task to complete. This will take the form of creating a concept, simple design, materials requirements and prototyping. At each stage the teams will be asked to appoint a single spokesman to communicate with the 'customer' and be the single point of contact.

    At the completion of protoyping the teams will be asked to demonstrate their working design to the main group. The prototype will be accepted or returned for futher work by the 'customer'.

    The final aspect of the session will be a twist, which is designed to test the teams' communications abilities and help them to understand how effectively they worked together.

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