Paul Harris: Life Coach, Surrey & Woking
What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

There are many ways to look at what life coaching is. My view is that it is a way of decluttering the noise that everyday life throws at you so that you can have a look at what you really want to be focusing on and find a way to achieve it.

Life Coaching is a way of improving your life whether personal or professional and an enabler to a more focused approach.

Anyone can make use of a coach at anytime of their life. The modern world often demands instant success and everyone to be driven to a goal.

I've had many different job roles in a very high paced and exciting business but it wasn't until I was 46 that I found a job that truly inspired me. I didn't even know that I wasn't totally happy in previous jobs until I found that one! 

It is important to understand that Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy. A Life Coach may touch on some subjects with a client that are personal but a good Coach will know when to suggest an alternative intervention.

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