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paul harris coaching mindset excellence beating imposter syndrome and anxiety

Finding the Formula for Your Life

paul harris coaching mindset excellence beating imposter syndrome and anxiety

Created specifically to help you tackle your doubts and fears.

This programme is designed to help you look at yourself and breakdown the barriers that we all put up and use as resons for staying in our comfort zone


  • Your Goals – What are your long, medium and short term goals? Do you know what your journey to achieving them is going to look like?

  • Opportunities for You – You know what your goals are and how you're going to tackle them. Now we can explore opportunities open to help you to work towards them.

  • What You Believe About Yourself – We all have an internal dialogue going on. What does yours sound like? What are you telling yourself about your success? The language that you use is as important as the message you are conveying with it.

  • Willingness – You want this, right? Of course you do, that's why we're talking. Where are your limits, what are you prepared to sacrifice, when do you want to take the next steps?

  • Tackling blockers- Sometimes things come along that you are unprepared for - that's life. You can't control what happens around you, but you absolutely can control how you react when things do happen. Being ready to understand how to mitigate for blockers is going to give you such a head start when they turn up.

  • Who do you tell - and When? - You're really excited about this new life, you're full of adrenaline and you want to tell everyone what you're going to do. You own this, it belongs to you. It's part of you. How, who and when you tell could be very important to your success.

  • Accountability & Trust – Imagine how it'd feel to have a confident person whom you could pass ideas over without being questioned or second-guessed. Our conversations are confidential and as your coach I'll neither question your decisions nor impose my opinions. However, you'll have a degree of accountability - not to justify your actions but instead to encourage you to take them.

These sessions are priced at £120.
Payment plans available for block bookings.

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